Fix your focus disasters in less than 5 seconds!

You know when you take the perfect photo, the one when the stars align, your actually child looks AT the camera and smiles their magic natural smile and you clicked the shutter at just the right time.  Then you take a closer look at your photo only to fall flatter than a pancake when you realise it’s completely out of focus.  You got the shot, yet missed it at the same time!

It’s seems to be such an obvious thing, but it’s amazing how often focus is the downfall of a masterpiece.  This one trick, will help fix your focus issues in less than 5 seconds. I promise.

With almost all cameras, be it your point and shoot or your DSLR, you need to tell the camera where you want it to focus.  I’m not talking about manual focus (my eyes are rarely good enough for that) but manual focus point selection.  Don’t let the camera decide (like with those fancy face detection features) where the image should be sharp.  There’s a good chance your camera will decide the wall, trees, or even a portrait on the wall behind you is is what counts, and you’ll end up with your main subject blurred.  If your using your phone, tap on the screen to tell the camera that’s exactly where you want the image sharp.

On your DSLR, set the camera so that you can choose the focus point manually (you’ll need to check your manual to find out how), with most camera’s you then choose one of those squares you see in the lens, place it over the subject and press the shutter half way so the camera can focus.

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If your camera is focusing on the wrong place, your image won’t be sharp where it counts.  In this shot, the wall is in focus, not the girl.

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By simply taking charge and telling the camera where you want it to focus, you’ll never have a wall sharp over your subject again!

For bonus points when taking photo’s of people, remember, it’s all about the eyes when it comes to focus.  If the eye is sharp, it almost doesn’t matter if nothing else is.

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Even just a slight miss focus can wreak a portrait.

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Sharp eyes help you connect.

Take charge of your focus points and you’ll be reward with sharp images, right where it counts.

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