Take your best first day of school photo’s ever!

It’s that time of year again!  Is your little one heading back to school or starting school for the first time?  There’s little doubt this is one of the most photographed moments of the year.  Follow our five quick tips to make sure this year you capture your best back to school photos yet!

1 – Be prepared!  That first day back can be crazy, but it’s also be the one day of the year when we are organised well ahead of time.  If you’re like me, as the year (um, week) goes on, my level of prep the day before goes out the window.  Harness that early enthusiasm and make sure the night before you iron the uniforms (hey I only iron uniforms on the first day of school and school photo day), lay out the socks, hair ties and accessories as well make sure the bag is packed ready to go.  Plan to have everyone dressed and sorted with 15 minutes spare to take some photos – rushed kids make bad models.

2 – Find the right light – Read our post on finding the best light to photograph your little one.  We haven’t moved house with kids yet, so I like to use the same place every year – it builds a great story as the years pass. 3 – Capture some details – Don’t just photograph the front on smiling shot, have them load up the bag and turn sideways. That giant bag on little people is something to remember.  Missing teeth or braces?  Capture that for sure!  New black shoes for the first time, get those tiny feet. 5 – Include a few with the really little ones – Have a few that include all the kids, even those not yet at school, it’s all part of the story. 4 – Get yourself in a shot – Don’t be missing from the family history, make sure you’re in one of the photos too.  You’re a big part of your family story. Happy first day of school everyone!  Here’s to as few tears as possible, from both the little ones and Mum.  My “baby” is moving from the early childhood classes into year 1 this year – there’s a good chance of a few sniffles from me. Lisa

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