I love something that’s “uncool” and I think you should too.

Ok, so I’ve never been accused of being super cool, and back in the 80’s my name was more likely associated with being a “dag” (if your not from Oz, that’s slang for someone who don’t have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance), than someone who’s chic and on trend, but I sure wasn’t drawing attention to it.  Now that I’m a more “mature” young lady, I’m not worried about being cool anymore and actually enthusiastically embrace the uncool – if I love it.  So that’s where todays confession comes in.

I love selfies.

Love them.  I take them all the time.  There I said it, it’s out there.

AND – I think we should embrace the selfie.

Now I hear you say, that just makes you vein, not uncool.  Not true.  I have a good reason to love selfies, and it’s not what you might think.  I want to exist in my families history.  I don’t want to always be the one behind the camera and I really want to have as many shots with my kids than of my kids.

Like most families, my Mum was always the one with a camera in her hands, snapping photos of my sister, brother, and me as we grew up. First smiles. First steps. First birthdays. First days at school. Mum and her camera were always there, capturing the delightful humdrum of daily life in addition to special milestones.  She was always behind the camera and rarely in front.

When I was 24, my Mum unexpectedly passed away.  And while there are a few shot’s of Mum through the years, the shots of us together are rare.  You see Mum valued photo’s of us, we valued photo’s of her, and with her.  I didn’t get married until four years after she died, so I don’t even having the classic wedding photo with Mum my sister has.  I can’t go back and change that with my Mum, but I can for my kids.

So I’m going to lead the charge for the family selfie, starting today!  By all means take that shot at assembly with your little one and their certificate,  then turn that camera around and get in that shot too, capture the joy in both your faces.  I particularly love selfies over always giving someone the camera to take (which we should also do more often)  because I get the most hilarious faces from my kids.  They find a selfie loads more fun than posing for someone else.  The selfies with my two have such personality, humour and warmth.  And Love. Oodles of Love.  What’s not to love!

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite selfies of the past few years.  Most of these, if not all are simple phone or point & shoot shots. Not technically perfect, but perfect to me.


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