Behind the Scenes take a gorgeous photo of your kids at the beach

Perfect for summer, the first image I want to share and deconstruct for you is this gorgeous shot of a brother and sister playing on the beach.

Time of Day & Location notes

Taken just a few minutes before sunset – the sun had gone behind a cloud giving the image a lovely soft look.

Setting the scene

Setting the scene for this shot was pretty simple, what child doesn’t want to build a sand castle!  These shots are perfect for when little ones just don’t feel like smiling or looking towards the camera. I simply suggest we take five and go build a sand castle – the key tip here is that I normally start the building so they are in just the right spot.

The tech stuff

I used the wide end of my EF24-70mm f2.8L II lens at 24mm.  This wide angle gives the soft curve to the horizon and really places the kids in the scene.  1/640 at f4.5, ISO 640.


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