Photo Boost | Day Six | Declutter

Day Six | Declutter

Today we are going to talk about our feelings.  “They,” say decluttering your home can help declutter your mind and help you to be more peaceful and stress free.  Well, same thing with your photos.  Eliminating anything that’s not essential to the image will help people looking at your photograph to be less stressed and more at peace.  You might be wondering why you care if the person looking at your photos is stressed or peaceful.  Trust me, you really do! That wow factor you want in your photos, it’s more of a “feeling” then a tangible element in the photo.   If you eliminate the clutter you eliminate the confusion/distraction/tension from the image and boom, it has more impact.  It doesn’t matter if you want people to feel happy, love, sad, excited or even angry when looking at your image, decluttering the shot will help get there and feel it more intensely.  Simple as that!

Because like me, you probably learn better from examples, here are some images so you can see what we mean.

This is how most people take pics of their kids, there’s way to much clutter around the outside competing for attention.
Simply stepping forward and zooming in and it’s all about the kids
I love my frangipanis, I see shots like this all over facebook.  Yet flowers aren’t the hero of the image.
Simply zooming in  and even with the candle stand behind, it’s all about the flowers.
Another option for when you just can’t declutter – go top down!

Hot Tips

You have two ways to eliminate clutter – physically move it out of the way before you take the photo.  Or frame & compose your shot so it’s not there.  Zoom in, use a wide aperture to blur out the background.  Try a different angle.


Try looking for a different angle the next time you capture those instagram moments like your dinner, dinner, kids in costumes or with their new certificates.  Either move the subject or move yourself!

The Challenge

Choose a subject and photograph it clutter free!  Don’t forget to upload your photo to instagram and tag #photmojophotoboost #myphotomojo #MPMdaysix