Photo Boost | Day Seven | It’s all about the angles

Day Seven | It’s all about the angles

It’s time to bring the past six days together and look at your photos as a set – when you’re taking photos, particularly if you’re documenting your family life – don’t fall into the trap of only taking one kind of image.  The classic shot, the close up details, the pull back action shot. One of these might become your favourite style, but if you don’t mix it up every now and again, your images will start to get that same same flavour, the I’ve seen this before feeling.  Try mixing up the angles and perspectives.  Take a few options of each subject. Experiment.  Play. 

You’ll be winning on multiple grounds.  Your photography will improve with all this playing. It really is true, practice makes perfect.  You’ll also start to get a feel for what type of photo you love and when they work best.  It might even be that you start to take a set of three, the detail, the action, the pose.  You start to more completely tell a story. With lots of images that wow.

A variety of shots tell the story, not just the moment.  I’ve shot from my height, the kids height and lying on the ground.  If I had a ladder a top down view would have been great too!

This shot is taken from a lookout high above and gives a really different perspective to the standard fishing shot.

A different angle adds a little interest to my ninja’s classic pose.  Plus no distracting backgrounds.  Win win!

Hot Tips

Think about different angles and different perspectives, zoom in, out, move up and down, as well as walking around your subject looking for the best angle.  Be mindful of what’s included in your frame, particularly if you’ve gone wide and not filling the frame or using negative space. Does it add to the story?


The world is your inspiration here, the flowers you’re lucky enough to be given or simply bought yourself, your food, the gorgeous beach on your travels, your kids first day at kindy or showing you their latest work of art.  Life!

The Challenge

Choose a subject and photograph from at least three different angles.  Don’t forget to upload your photo to instagram and tag  #photmojophotoboost #myphotomojo #MPMdayseven

Whoop whoop – you’ve officially been given a photo boost!

That’s it, we’re done, the 7-day photo boost is finished!   I hope you’ve been loving improving your photography as much as I love showing you!

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