Are you tired of missing great moments because you're stumbling over settings? 
Does the picture you take your camera never live up to the one in your mind? 
Are you ready to stop taking snapshots and start taking beautiful photo's.
In just FIVE weeks or less YOU CAN be photographing your kids like a pro!
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Learn how to take control of your camera and capture gorgeous family photos - without even thinking about it!


I cut through the technical overwhelm. I’ll guide you step by step through what you really need to know, using analogies, pictures and examples. I guarantee the lightbulb moment where it all just clicks – clicks, see what I did there – 


Let's face it, it's one thing to take a great photo of a bunch of flowers, it's another thing entirely to take a gorgeous photo of a toddler!  Photography Launchpad teaches you to use your camera AND take gorgeous family photos.  


I’ll be right there walking you through, answering your questions and giving feedback on your photos. Specific and personal advice on how to improve and cheering with you when it’s all come together.


You’ll have INSTANT lifetime access to ALL the course material. This is big, it means that you can review it as often as you like, whenever you like – even years from now if you need.  You can start now, go slow, speed through or wait until you're ready.


  • Understand your camera like it’s your best friend.
  • Capture & create the images you love.
  • Tame your monkeys & capture natural smiles.
  • Create beautiful family memories.

What's in the course?

Seven easy to follow modules that will help you take control of your camera!
Nuts & Bolts

Module One                

We’ll walk through your camera & settings – without the tech overwhelm! Learn all about what each button and dial does and experiment with the results. Find out what else you really need in your kit (hint: it’s probably a lot less than you think it is). We’ll lay the foundation so that you can start shooting with confidence!

Focus baby

Module Two              

Do you wish more of your photos were in focus? Have you wondered how to freeze action or make your child/pet/dinosaur really stand out by blurring the background? In this module, you’ll learn all the professionals’ tricks that will transform your photos.

Light the way

Module Three                

Say goodbye to dark, grainy people, strange shadows and bright white faces. Learn all about light and how it matters for EVERY image you take. 

Simple secrets to great compositions

Module Four

By now you can take a “nice” perfectly exposed, sharp image in the right light. In this module, we’ll show you how to step it up to “take-your-breath-away-wow” by teaching you some simple composition secrets.

Top tips for taming the monkeys and getting natural smiles

Module Five               

Great family photography is about more than just a technically perfect image. Learning how to capture natural smiles, emotion & action is a whole other game. Lisa will share some simple tips to capture those smiles and moments that have her clients in tears of joy, they work on her own kids too!

Saving and sharing the love

Module Six              

Now that you’re taking amazing photographs, let’s consider what to do with them all. We’ll talk about keeping them safe as well as printing and sharing online. Let’s show off your new talents!

Inspire & Thrive

Module Seven             

With your new found confidence and skills you won’t want to end here – together we will look at where to find inspiration and what could be next on your photography journey.

About Me

I'm Lisa and I’ve been photographing families professionally for 13 years. My clients love my fun, natural style. I'm and accredited Master Photographer with the AIPP and the current Rise international Family Photographer of the Year. I really love what I do and I’m passionate about creating gorgeous family memories. 

I’ve lost count of the times I've heard about peoples “good camera” stuck on auto, or worse, in the cupboard because it was Just. Too. Hard.

That's why I've started My Photomojo and this my beginners’ course, Photography Launch Pad. Delivered online and on demand; designed to teach you to both use your camera AND photograph your family. To tame those monkeys and capture natural smiles.

“Before you know it, you’ll be taking beautiful family photos that take your breath away, the reason you bought that good camera for in the first place!”

Here's What You’ll Get


21 videos, divided into bite sized chunks of around 10-20 minutes. Watch them all in one go, or bit by bit when you get the time. Watch on any device. You’ll have instant access to everything but I’ll send you emails to guide you through each week for five weeks, giving you plenty of time to totally get it!


Downloadable course notes and transcripts. Use them to work along, for revision or to reinforce what you’ve already learned.


Key concepts summarised into compact cheat sheets you can download and keep handy for easy reference.


Each week you’ll have a fun practical assignment to really nail down the concepts we’ve covered. Don’t worry, it’s not like school, they aren’t marked, there is no penalty if you're late, and getting it wrong is actively encouraged!

What People are Saying...

Alison S WA

"It really does help you understand how the camera works, and things to look for to make an average photo a great photo. I really enjoyed learning about the functions of the camera, tricks for lighting, and things to include/avoid to really enhance the photo (composition). The tips for trying to wrangle the kids were great. Now I just need to practice, practice, practice. It's also so great to have Lisa answer your specific questions (no matter how silly ) and get individual feedback on your pics. It makes the learning experience very tailored to your specific needs. Thanks Lisa for a really enjoyable few weeks. I'm looking forward to staying in the facebook group and continuing the journey!"

Fiona Sexton WA

I did Lisa's course in May and loved it. I have been on manual mode ever since and practicing as much as I can. I have realised the more I learn the more I want to learn and am considering doing a more comprehensive course next year to take my photography journey further. I was very lucky for my last birthday (it was a big one!) to get a new camera from my husband. Still so much to figure out. What I have loved is that I have started going through the course again. It makes so much more sense second time around and is a really good reminder for things I had forgotten about. Great to have access to review the modules down the track.

Karina D Perth, WA

After completing the course and only shooting in manual mode now it's hard to remember why I felt so overwhelmed by the camera and its settings (and equally underwhelmed by my photos) it all seems so easy now I understand exposure and getting great shots seems very achievable. Credit for this goes 100% to Lisa for breaking down the basics and explaining it at the right level with lots of examples. The best compliment I got off my husband was "Wow! It's good to know it wasn't the camera" when looking over my recent photos compared to the old ones

Is this Course Right for You?

You keep seeing gorgeous photos you wish you could take - and you have the Pinterest boards to prove it.

You bought the fancy DSLR (it's stuck on auto) and your images just don't capture the magic like you imagined.

You want to learn with, be inspired by and connect with other people just like you, but find it hard to find the time.

You want to be able to try out what you've learned, and still be able to ask questions when things don't go to plan..


It’s our guarantee that you’ll love this course. If, after the first two weeks, you’ve had a go at the challenges of the first two modules and find this course isn’t for you – we will refund you the total cost of the course. It’s risk free!

Bonuses! Because who doesn't love a bonus!

Access to a private Facebook Group

Take advantage of our private Facebook group, just for course participants! You can ask me questions, share your hits, misses and big a-ha moments! Become a part of a welcoming and supportive photographic community.


Family photo playbook ($49 in value)

A selection of 30 of my favourite family photos, how I took them and how you can take them. I go through the pose, the gear, the settings and how I “set up” or “directed” the shot.


Sensational Sunsets ($49 in value)

Shooting sunsets can be tricky, I’ve put together a guide on shooting sunsets that will have you racing out at the door at the first hint of pink skyies!

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Single Payment



Normally $297, Save $200!

  • Photography Launch Pad: Beginners online step by step photography course.
  • Instant access to the entire course.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • Sensational sunsets guide
  • Family posing playbook


I'm really not technical – AT ALL!

What happens if one of my kids get sick or I get sick and I need to take a break during the course?

What if I don't have a "fancy" camera yet?

How long will it take to finish the course?

How can I get a refund?

Is it really possible to take a nice picture of my kids, with natural smiles? My kids are crazy (gorgeous, but crazy) and they HATE the camera!!

How is the course delivered?

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