Book a portfolio review!

After we confirm your review, I will send you a dropbox link to upload your images.  I’ll then review the images you send through and record feedback using screencast technology, so it will be like we are sitting next to each other.  You’ll be sent a link to view the video online.

You can send through either a random selection of 30 images and I will provide feedback on each image or you can send a full session for review and receive detailed feedback on a few images as well as the session as a whole. Feedback will be provided on technical elements, composition and editing. With particular focus being given to any concerns you’ve raised.

My review’s are very gentle, you will walk away with good feedback on how to improve and won’t have any dents in your self esteem – promise!


Portfolio review

  • Book a portfolio review

  • Your Photography Goals

    A dropbox link will be sent for you to upload your images for review - in the meantime let me know what you're trying to achieve?
  • Don't worry, you'll be able to email me any comments or questions later.
  • (subject to availability)
  • Price: $ 47.00